Advanced Diploma in Digital Marketing

Learn the ABCD of Digital Marketing with our Advanced Diploma in Digital Marketing course.
Course Duration: 3 months

Course Type: Full time, Classroom-based

  1. Introduction to Digital Marketing
    Digital marketing comprises of all marketing efforts that employ any electronic device, the internet or any other digital medium. This module is a beginner’s guide to marketing in general and the draws a clear difference between the traditional and digital marketing.
  2. Search Engine Optimisation(SEO)
    Say you are searching for a product online. A page of most relevant results appears before you, often referred to as unpaid results. This process by which a site competes with various other websites to appear on the top of the unpaid result page can be called SEO. In this module you learn all the intricate details about SEO.
  3. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
    Well, we learned about unpaid search marketing. Here comes the paid search marketing. This module covers a detailed knowledge of SEM, along with topics like campaign and types, Google Adword and Conversion Tracking.
  4. Social Media Marketing(SMM)
    Get to know how you can market your products and services on various social media platforms. This module basically quick picks a social media platform and teaches you how digital marketing works on that specific platform.
  5. Email Marketing
    Another digital marketing technique is Email marketing. Gone are the days when emails were only a medium of messaging and conversation. We have put emails to exchange campaigns, discount coupons, vouchers, etc., This helps in promoting your product, increasing conversions and nurturing your audience.
  6. Google Analytics
    After you have an online presence, it is very important to know if your company is doing fine on the digital platform. Questions like which part of your website is working for you, what changes does your website need to do perform better, can be answered efficiently through this tool. This module teaches you how to analyze the pros and cons of your website.
  7. WordPress
    Our last module covers a brief graze through the process of web development with the help of this PHP coded tool. It gives you a basic understanding of domains, web hosting, and creation of a website using WordPress.