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8 Social Media Trends to Watch Out For in 2019

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How updated are you with social media trends? As the social mediascape is evolving at the fastest pace, it is extremely important to keep up with the latest trends. How else will you ensure if your social media marketing strategies are still successful? 2018 had been a busy year for all the major social media platforms with many positive and negative stories. The 2019 social media trends will give businesses more opportunities to demonstrate their value and reinforce their voice.

Gone are the days when companies treated social media only as a supplemental marketing channel. A right dose of marketing across the various social media platforms now has the power of making or breaking brands. Customers ask questions, air complaints and offer accolades all through social media channels. So, let’s look into some latest social media trends that can help you bolster your brand’s success in 2019.

  1. Storytelling on social media platforms

How is this a new trend, you may ask. Well, it is not. Social media is embracing new ways to allow brands to tell their stories and share narratives with the world. And why not? Stories inspire audiences to try new products, building a transparent and meaningful relationship between the brand and the user.

This is not as easy as it sounds. To trend over the rest and build stronger connections with the users, brands now are coming up with more creative and raw behind-the-scenes stories that matter to people and not the brand. Building engaging content over social media platforms has now become more important than ever.

  1. Use Influencers and Micro-influencers

Influencers are social media personalities who have accumulated a defined community of followers around themselves. Their large follower base makes them effective salespeople on social media platforms. They can help your brand reach millions of more users across the globe. Influencer marketing is hence an important new trend that will see much growth in 2019.

We can expect a big growth spurt in seasoned influencers creating effecting brand campaigns along with a rise in nano influencers and micro influencers over the various social media platforms. Various tools and proven influencer marketing agencies will help you connect to these influencers and build unique influencer marketing strategies.

  1. The importance of Brand Narratives

We have spoken earlier about how brands are coming up storytelling strategies to market products. Another trend that is ruling 2019 is brand narratives. Narratives capture moments shared between a user and a product. Businesses are therefore investing time in building strategic narratives that will create broader and more positive changes.

Narratives are being distributed through digital and social media perfectly reflecting what a brand’s community has to say about the brand. A larger compelling story has a better chance of success and can influence audiences to action. If you have not prepared a brand narrative, do it now. Evaluate your story and ensure that it stands out from the crowd of social media madness.

  1. Marketing strategies through selfie videos

Video marketing is not a new strategy for most social media marketers. They have tried to rinse out the best of all video trends that ruled 2018. 2019, however, is giving a promising future to the trend of video selfies. They are short and feels more immediate than a written post with a photo.

Like the selfie photos, selfie videos allow users to capture a personal moment but the video format allows users to communicate in a deeper and more personal level than a photo ever could. An even shorter micro-segment of the original selfie video is being used in stories and feeds to draw attention, initially.

  1. Chatbots and Facebook Messengers

Lisa Buyer, the CEO, Buyer Group, pointed out that chatbots and messengers have open rates and directly help to build audience engagement. In fact, businesses that have marketed through Messenger have earned 60-80 percent open rates within 60 minutes.

2019 has seen a new trend develop on Messenger called the Chat Blasting. It is quite similar to email blasting, the only difference being that it is done through Messenger and involves more user engagement. Businesses that received feedbacks on how their chatbots were not very responsive have made significant improvements to create something that works for both consumers and businesses.

  1. The year of LinkedIn

We agree that LinkedIn is often not fully leveraged by marketers. But have you noticed what LinkedIn has done last year? We have seen a considerable rise in LinkedIn influencers. In 2019, LinkedIn has seen 10 times more views on videos than Facebook. LinkedIn has also relaunched Groups to drive more community on the platform.

It continues to evolve especially since their algorithm update in October 2018 making a push toward becoming an informative content sharing and connection nurturing network. LinkedIn, since its launch, had been majorly used by working professionals all over the globe. If executives are the target audience, then don’t you think maximum people on LinkedIn would rather prefer to watch a video than read a text? Now you know why LinkedIn videos are in trend in 2019.

  1. Hyper-targeted personalization

Customers expect their brands to tailor special offers and discounts to their wants and needs. Sometimes, these are the criteria of loyalty. To keep up with the expectations, businesses need to put their A game on when it comes to targeted advertising. Near about every social media platform offer some levels of audience filtering when you opt to pay for advertising.

In 2019, we see a trend influencing our social media actions. It’s the hyper-targeted personalization often achieved through retargeting or remarketing ads. Marketers have found a balance between being too pushy and being able to offer personalized advertising while genuinely entice customers to their products.

How to make these work for you?

We have talked about some major social media trends of 2019. You can strategize your goals and actions on social media after considering the trends. Having said that, we, of course, do not expect all businesses to put the trends into action right away. It is extremely important to observe your competitors and their movement on social media platforms.

It is okay if you still are new and you don’t understand the jargon well. Aakar Academy- Shaping Careers, a digital marketing academy in Kolkata, with its short term and long term courses and workshops will help you become familiar with the trends. Aakar Academy is one of the best digital marketing institutes in Kolkata that provides extensive digital marketing training, SEO training while keeping you updated with the latest trends of the field.

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